Malaysian Astronauts to carry out science experiments

Malaysian astronauts will be carrying out science experiments in October 2007 on board of russian space shuttler.

These experiments are so far (been reported), as related to life sciences and are being designed by Malaysian institutions of higher learning.

Cells in Space:

Research institutions: UKM, UiTM, University Darul Iman.


To study the effects of effects of microgravity and space radiation on normal and cancer cells from bones and livers.

  • To compare the differences of behaviour, growth, death and aging of cells and genes.
  • The drug resistance of cancer cells and genes.

Microbes in space:

Research institutions: UKM & UM

  • To study the effects of microgravity and space radiation on the mechanisms and rate of bacterial growth, drug resistance and the genetic mechanism controlling them.
  • Two types of bacteria chosen for the bacteria chosen for the experiment are Helicobacter pylori (which is responsible for peptic ulcer disease) and AcinetoBacter Baumanni (the common bacteria found in hospitalization infection)

To better understand about bacteria especially the mechanism of bacterial growth, as well as development of multi-drug resistance.

Protein in Space:

Research Institutions: UPM & Malaysia Genome Institute


To grow two types of crystalised lipases in space . Lipases are enzymes widely used in industrial applications and domestic products.


  • To get information and new knowledge that will help improve their crystalization on the ground and future industrial applications.
  • Crystalized protein will reveal their molecular structure and thus enable scientists to determine medicinal and industrial value of the protein.
Space Medicine:

Pre, in-flight and post monitoring of the astronaut health.

Research Institutions: UiTM, Aviation Medicine Institute, Sunway University College and Health Ministry


  • To monitor the bio-medical and physiological performance of the astronauts.
  • To monitor the effects of microgravity and space radiation of the astronauts.
  • To monitor the psychological of the astronauts.
  • Pre and post monitoring of the astronauts' health.


  • To see the effect of space on the astronauts.
  • To see if there are results that can be used for the health benefits of Malaysia.

Food Technology:

Research Institutions: MARDI & UPM.


To take certain Malaysian fruits and herbs for consumption.


To develop some favourite Malaysian food in the form suitable for transportation, storage and consumption in space.

Physics Technology:

Live class in space.


  • To demonstrate the behaviour of fluids.
  • To observe the effects of spinning object such as gyroscope.


To demonstrate to Malaysian students on the ground of effects of space on selected physical phenomenon.

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