Merry Christmas Google 2006

First of all, I like to thank Google and Google Adsense.

Today is a meaningful day for this blog; IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia because after almost 3 years as Adsense publisher... it has finally earned its first ever cheque from Google Inc.

Even though the amount is not fantastic.. but it is a good start and also a milestone.

IT-Sideways would like to congratulate Google for their efficiency in terms of processing the cheque, which was done very shortly after I have complied to all requirements.

The cheque was issued 27 Nov 2006 and received on 6 Dec 2006.

To share the joy.... here is the snapshot of the cheque. This is probably one of very best jpg file for me.

For your information, this blog entry fully comply with Google's policy on confidentiality.

Check out the details under this link and under item no. 7

Thank you all for visiting this blog since the first day of it.


Anonymous said…

I'm running the Malaysia Blogs Readers site, appreciate if you could post something about it in your blog. Thanks and appreciate your support.