Merry Christmas to Malaysian

First of all, I like to thank Google inc again for creating a new way of living to the world and brought changes to millions of life in the cyberspace.

Google Adsense:

I do notice something significant lately, since my enquiry into Google's changes of policy over the years... whereby I noticed that the eCPM will not be given any value should there is no click registered to the URL. Do u know what I am saying ?

Means that, supposedly, Adsense publisher should only be awarded based on pay-per-1000-impressions, nevertheless, recently IT-Sideways' adsense account does provide indication that there are occasions where the eCPM has the value of zero USD. This doesn't quite collerate to the idea of pay-per-1000-impressions because even though the impressions been made, but there is no money earned for publisher like IT-Sideways.

Nevertheless, I noticed that the trick is to have at least one click on the advertisements, then the value for eCPM will be non-zero, thus catering for earnings.

So perhaps, this is Google's new policy to prevent illegal publisher farms; a responsibility towards advertisers.

Christmas wish for Malaysian ?

Despite recent achievement, MyIX at national level, I have a reason to believe that it is in every Malaysian technopreneurs' mindset that being acquired by Google one day is hell of an achievement at enterprise level.

I like to take this opportunity to wish for all Malaysian entrepreneurs, that we all stand a fair chance to be endowed with a great honour; the same honour which was given to Endoxon; an internet mapping solutions company based in Lucerne Switzerland.

Check out the latest update for ICT happening in Malaysia, the best reference would be MSC-Malaysia main portal.

Besides that, let me promote IT-Sideways' associates....

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