MSC Professional Enhancement Programme (PEP) is a newly established initiative by MSC Malaysia to complement the government of Malaysia's move towards the K-economy.

According to TMS (The Media Shoppe) ...

In the Malaysian context, at the 6th International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation and Knowledge organized by a consortium of Australian and Malaysian Universities, the CEO of ISIS and keynote speaker, Tan Sri Dr. Noording Sophee, highlighted the Malaysian quest for continued economic growth. Malaysia has been growing well over the last 50 years and has evolved from an economy which was based on agriculture to industrial/capital, then technology and now, knowledge. This quest for continued economic growth is now been impeded by a number of key concerns at the macro-economic level, which are:

  • Economic transformation and emergence of the K-economy
  • Globalization and impact of ICT and Internet
  • Increased competition and competitiveness
  • Scarcity of labor
  • Production sophistication
  • Shift in the traditional value chain from supply to knowledge
  • Heavy reliance and depedency on infusion of traditional capital
These marco-economic developments will, in turn, result in the following concerns of issues at the micro-economic level:

  • Need for increased productivity
  • Need for increased innovation and adaptability
  • Need to gain competitive advantage
  • Shift of paradigm in the way business is to be run in the future
  • Using knowledge resources and assets to achieve competitive advantage
  • Harnessing the intellectual capital and enhancing organizational intelligence in the quest to be more innovative and competitive
  • Managing knowledge workers - a new breed of workers
  • Understanding and leading in the practice of Knowledge Management

So, it is a very economical issue.


K-economy has very strong ties with the ICT industry.

It aims to provide financial supports towards two eligible entities who are interested to get self-improvement into obtain ICT professional certifications.

For Companies:

  • Incorporated in Malaysia
  • MSC Malaysia Status companies
  • Employees must be Malaysian citizen
  • Can nominate up to 10 employees per application
  • Nominated employees meet the admission criteria of training course and examination

For K-Workers / Individual:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Meet the admission criteria of examination
  • Pass the certification examination

Courses available:

  • Project Management - PRINCE 2
  • Database - ORACLE OCA/OCP; Informix
  • Creative Multimedia - MAYA/TOONZ/3DStudio
  • MaxHardware Design - VLSI/DSP/RF
  • Open Source - LINUX LPI/RHCE/RHCT; PHP; Perl; MySQL
  • Call Center Management – CIACITIL

PEP Schemes:

1. For companies
- Subsidies for courses and exam fees.
- Reimbursement basis

2. For individual
- Subsidy for exam fees only.
- Reimbursement basis

Subsidies Details:


Course fee support, per trainee per course: 25% of nett payable course fee or RM1,250, whichever is lower. Courses must lead to industry recognised certifications.Applicable to MSC Malaysia Status companies.

Exam fees:

B. Certification examination fee support, per k-workers per examination:100% of nett payable certification examination fees or RM500,whichever is lower. Applicant must pass the examination.Applicable to MSC Malaysia Status companies and k-workers

Application Process Flow for Individuals:

For more information, please email IT-Sideways.