When can software become property ?

Let's take a look at why Genting won the bid for development of Integrated Resort (IR) on Sentosa, Singapore....

According to Screenshots, it is because of a few things...

1. Good partnerships
2. Good planning
3. Good timing

Genting will invest into U$5.2 billion into the project which would eventually generate S$2.7 billion to Singapore economy annually.

Fantastic, this is easily comprehended. Obviously the proposal from competing parties didn't measure up to such excitement.

The budget for the development will comes in the form of bank loans and equity, according to TheEdgeDaily. Obviously, the negotiate the terms and conditions for equity partnership is not just about making promises and pretending friends, it will take times.

Can software business be it ?

The next question is how can this model applicable to the business of software ?

Perhaps it is applicable to big big systems.... not just software alone but the whole infrastructure which consist of softwares and hardwares. Talking on software alone, it is really hard to tell your customers that you are going to generate some profits based on investment into certain solutions. Though similar capacity of benefits can be achieved through the considerations of tangible and intangible benefits which would conclude into the calculation for ROI (return on investment), however it is still quite different.

There are two ways of marketing sofware; based on needs and to create the needs. The former would be based on requirements and budget. When there is requirements, there is no point of taking about visions and dreams, it is all about capability and best practises. Thus, you can't tell a customer that based on your requirements and with certain solutions, you can make a profit of XXX amount from the business. Furthermore, software requirement changes all the time and maintenance for big project is intensive. Realistically, the benefit of software in this aspect is to ease the burden of bottleneck... more about optimization.

As for creating needs with software.. it maybe possible to position software as a property.