HP PSC 1402 All-in-one

Previous entry about this issue was concluded as "USB ports' software corruption".

I got this printer from my brother and he got it as a free gift from laptop purchase.

This printer is not working too fine.... I have to comment.

And there are three problems associated with it (after testing for a few months)...

1. Installation problem (detecting hardware)

Installation will come to an abrupt halt during process 3/4 (detecting hardware) every time (As far as I am concern). It just wouldn't detect the hardware; the HP PSC 1402 All-in-One. And it would trigger an error message and the installation process will be running in an infinite loop.

The trick is this, it happens only if you connect the printer to the computer via USB and powered it up before you are being asked to do so.

The workaround this, just have to unplug the USB cable and the installation process will continue by itself.

Then it will come to a point where the installation process will ask you to plug in the cable in order to detect the hardware, then only you should do so.

And it will install successfully.

2. The software won't launch after restarting the computer in Windows 2000.

If you are using Windows 2000, the software for controlling everything; known as HP Solution Center will not be able to launch successfully per se. It works fine immediately after installation, but will not work after the computer is being restarted. It will end up in infinite loop as well. The following screen won't show.

This only happens in Windows 2000 and not Windows XP. And I suspect that it has something to do with detecting the hardware also.

3. Printing takes too long...

Another problem is during printing, it may or may not take up to 2 minutes or more before a small print job starts. This is quite silly because you would not know what is happening during that 2 minutes... it is printing, or it is not ? it is out of paper, it is functioning ?

2 minutes is just too long wait for just printing a few pages of documents.


Now I can guess boldly why it is being given out as free gift.

If anyone has better suggestions or similiar experiences, please feel free to drop some comments. By the way, this product is probably obsolete.