Malaysia 2007 - First Countdown

Malaysia is coming to 50th year since independence day. From 1957 - 2007, and this blog is counting down to 31st August 2007 starting from today and progressively, we will share contents from readers.

What is good about Malaysia so far ?

As far as I can agree with my conscience now is that Malaysia is best for the following few things..

1. The culture of not paying.

Nobody likes to pay anything in Malaysia, even for food. There is just this sort of "backward" culture. But sometimes, it is inevitable.

Many people feel proud of being able to dodge police summonses and other compounds for years and lives and generations. And yet, perhaps there are underlying reasons for such acts; act of not having enough taxes for public development.

But I like best about this culture is that when current government took off Saturday's duty roasters for public servants, I reckon that it is a great feeling for no-need to pay parking tickets all over Malaysia. And it is really a great feeling, you can just park anywhere and even in the middle of the road blocking all traffics and nobody will come to give you any summonses, because it is off-day! Except for private toll-cars whom might think that you needed help.

So, this culture is not bad because you feel good of being able to save some money.

2. The culture of cheap.

Forget Starbucks and imported cars, Malaysia is really a place where you can really live a cheap and healthy life.

The cheapest breakfast (healthy one) that I could get RM 1.00 or perhaps RM 2.00 for Fried Mee with some add-on(s) plus a glass of plain water and tea. And you can get this from just anywhere in Malaysia, almost anywhere you go there will be such delicacies. It can be healthy if you choose the add-on(s) properly.

3. The culture of being second best.

Malaysia, well besides people saying that it is best for its food..... I think there isn't much (correct me if I am wrong) to feel like champion.

Throw exceptions for Nicol David, KLCC, KLIA, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Air Asia, Petronas and perhaps Badminton.

There is just a notion that Malaysia is always the second best or worst. Even Malaysian thinks that the neighbor is second best one... and that there is always a greener pasture some other places.

And this culture is good because there is always room for improvements.

4. The opportunities which never fade.

In lieu with the culture of being second best.... gives rise to the phenomenon of "opportunities overloaded".

Everyday there is opportunities.... and some people made it such as CWorks, Redtone, Green Packet and etc.

I wake up each day with belief that I am going to make a difference in this country and for the ICT industry. I sleep each night with anticipation that I will, wake up again tomorrow a millionaire or at least create an impact in this society because there is just too much opportunities. Nothing seems to be in place totally per se. If you walk around, you would be able to see so much problems associating with everyday life of people of Malaysia and ideas can be generated quickly.

And there is always opportunities from the government. Everybody is thinking that there must be a way to make money from the public funds. Just have to be positive and patience; yes priceless gem.

This is what I can think of at the moment and if you have comments just drop it or email to us.

Let IT-Sideways start the countdown to 31st August 2006!


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