Rich web apps to boost PC sales

Processor manufacturers keeps rolling out new product.... and they are collaborating with software companies like Microsoft and even APPLE to justify the need for more speed.

Without new software technologies, consumers don't really need to upgrade new software.

This is easy to justify if we talk about comparison between Pentium 286 and Pentium II. But how about Pentium III with Intel Centrino and Duo Core ?

Well, I need it!!!! I need to upgrade from using a Pentium III with 260 MB RAM.

Take the following real scenario....

I am running only a few applications ...

1. Firefox with 5 tabs on.
2. Outlook express.
3. Yahoo messenger
4. Google Earth
5. Network Connection (Control Panel)

Applications in the backgrounds ...
1. Wireless
2. USB
3. Java plugin
4. HP Solution Center
5. Quicktime
6. MS SQL Server (partially off)

And I almost took up all the memory available.

By thew way, kernel memory is memory used by Operating System. Refer to the diagram above, the RAM is only 260 MB (260,512 KB), and operating system is sucking around 116,372 KB. However, the memory usage shows a maximum of 634,312 KB. This shows that there is a mechanism of memory sharing. What it means is that some of the kernel processes belongs to other processes and thus the system is capable of doing more than 260,512 KB (of RAM).

Web Apps to drive the need...

I took out one application at one time and the following recorded (comparing application with commit charge). Starting from 571,052 K of memory usage.

Google Earth - 432,572 K
Outlook Express - 414,856 K
Network Connection (Control Panel) - 408,257 K
Firefox - 275,064 K
Yahoo Messenger - 231,212 K

Firefox uses the most memory... Partly because it is associated with many plugin(s) and also AJAX capability.

Well this is good for software entreprenuers because if one keep innovating richer and more complex software, there will definitely be a bandwagon ready for you. Intel will be moving along with you to push your innovations, so as with other processors such as AMD and etc.

There is also possibility of bundling web apps with new laptops and PCs. Rich web apps developers may also be able to make use of launches or champaigns of new hardwares to co-market their web apps' upgrade and new apps.

The idea is to create heavy duty web apps.


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