SOA Potentials for entrepreneurs

IBM Knows it best ..

To understand SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), read this article from IBM, as it is being best explained. IBM is by far the most faithful advocate for SOA in the ICT industry world-wide. Why? because of the right timing and perhaps it fits. Check out our latest discussion about IBM here.

Many people have tried to explain SOA and failed miserably. Either the boundary is too big or it is just too loose (every possibility is relevant) and in fact SOA is not created by IBM. So, there is no such thing as SOA guru as opposed to Java guru and creator James Gosling, Microsoft to Bill Gates, web browser to Marc Andreessen or search algorithm to Google's founders. This is the same problem with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) research, which after so many years of hard work, nobody yet claim to have significance break-through. We have talked about this before because the problem is that the boundary is too large, no one knows where it is going to end and thus it is hard to define where to start, when to start and etc. Someone (An A.I programmer) once told me that up to date, A.I cannot even mimic the simplest of a fly's brain (as small as nothing), which is far more complex than you think.


So, SOA is really married to web services. In fact, to put it in simple manner, SOA is a software architecture for web services' systems. Means that if you are going to deploy web services to your systems, you are starting to move into SOA and vice versa.


SOA is trying to solve the problem of inflexibility in software systems. This is the reason why SAP doesn't need to market the idea of SOA because flexibility is built-in into the architecture of SAP. As for non-SAP system, there will always be issues such as ...

1. How long this system can last ?
2. How flexible it is in terms of scalability?
3. What is the flexibility of support requirement ? Must it be supported by only one vendor ?

SAP solves all these because once you deployed SAP, you are going to use it for a long time. If you need new modules, you will just have to add to it and just in case you are wondering what sort of modules you can experiment with, check out this link. So, IBM SOA is a good contender to counter-strike the ever increasing market size of SAP in the industry of enterprise business solutions.

Do you know how big is SAP ?

It is predicted to grow into a US$70 billion company. That was last year. Period.


One way of providing software solutions to the banks without insiders' information is to identify its needs through public medium such as the Internet. In particularly, I suggest that we take a look at banks' web site for its career sections. Eon bank, public bank, citibank and etc.

Through these information, we know that they have needs to perform certain functions and they require flexibility and therefore they would rather hire human than to create systems for it. This is not suggesting that they have constrained budget for IT systems, rather it is about handling flexibility and other human elements which IT systems have yet to master.

And I strongly envision that with SOA, for its vision to cater for flexibility of enterprise solutions, it is possible that in the near future, these banks would not have to continuously seek out for human resources to fill up such roles in its business ecosystems.

How to start ?

Grab yourself a certification from IBM.


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Hi very nice blog
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Anonymous said…
Hi very nice blog
i reed this blog