LLogisticNET - Case Studies

Previously, we have talked about what the heck is LLogisticNET, a documents management system for freight forwarders from TMCS.

Now let's analyze some case studies related to LLogisticNET.

LLogisticNET may not the only way to manage documents, nevertheless it offers value to targeted customers.

Let’s analyze this through other means of document management. The primitive way of managing documents is through usage of folders and files. However, this will give rise to the difficulty of searching for relevant documents in real-time basis; that is to say, response time is critical to your business operation efficiency.

Under Microsoft Windows operating system, primitive search feature is built-in. Nevertheless is it able to cater for your efficiency needs? We may also want to explore another new technology provided by Google Inc which is called Google Desktop Search, a search technology which mimics Google’s web search that encases information at your local computers.

Let’s analyze in details.

  • Folders + Files using Microsoft’s primitive search as enhancer

    Microsoft’s primitive search is real-time and thus it is not efficient. Real-time search means that it has no previous knowledge of your search activities and thus would not learn to be smarter to know your behavior. Therefore, searching with this technology would take longer times and usually outcomes are not accurate because searching process would tend to overlook certain files which should come under your search boundary.

  • Folders + Files using Google Desktop Search as enhancer

    Google Desktop Search is not operating under real-time basis. It uses batch-processes to secretly run through all your files; pretty much the same manner how anti-virus software scan through all your files and remembers the trails. In other words, this newly search technology create intelligence based on your information and structures information according to open format.

    Google Desktop Search outcomes are very accurate and fast and definitely would edge over Microsoft’s Operating System primitive search. Nevertheless, it does give rise to the following disadvantages comparing to LLogisticNET:

      I. Not able to flatten redundancy.
      Redundancy comes by means of multiple files created for similar content.

      II. Centralized management is hard to achieve because synchronization requires extra efforts.

By the way, Microsoft also has a version of desktop search called Windows Desktop Search (WDS) while its latest Vista operating system has better search features built-in.