LLogisticNET - Scalability

Following from previous blogs about LLogisticNET's introduction and case studies. Now, we would like to explore the issue of software scalability.

Scalability factor is often more important than the brand factor of the software provider, because scalability would define the life of the software purchased by clients. That is, how long your software can last as compared to the life-time of your business? Do you have to scrap your existing software and invest into new software infrastructures just to suit the changes to your business requirements?

LLogisticNET is scalable. At the same time, it can also leverage on Microsoft Office Infopath technology to cater for scalability.

Microsoft Office Infopath is an information-gathering program included in the 2007 release of the Microsoft Office system. With Office InfoPath 2007, you can create and deploy electronic forms solutions to gather information efficiently and reliably. You can also use the InfoPath Forms Services capabilities in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to extend your business processes beyond your corporate firewall, delivering forms as Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail messages, Web browser forms, or forms for mobile devices.

In short, scalability is built-in to Microsoft Office Infopath.

The following table illustrates the options of scalability available for our discussion:

FeatureLLogisticNETMS Office Infopath
Base ProductA fully functional and industry compliant documents management compliant software for freight forwarders under the shipping logistic industry.A generic software engine for electronic forms management.
Base PriceRM 5,000 (3 concurrent users)

RM 500 per additional users (up to 20 users)
RM 1500 ++

To configure Infopath into a full-fledge documents management system like LLogisticNET, customization is required.

i.e 30 days (or more) of configuration with RM 600 per man-day would require RM 18,000.

Total start-up cost would then be RM 19,500 ++
Scalability Model & Cost (New requirements)1.Customized solution

Cost = RM 600 per man-day

2.Microsoft Office Infopath

Cost = RM 1500 ++
(base product)
RM 600 per man-day
( customization)
1.Extra configuration

Cost = RM 600 per man-day

TMCS recommends the following package as the best solution for our valuable clients:

    1. Obtain LLogisticNET as the base product.
    2. Obtain Microsoft Office Infopath as scalability extension. This would minimize the man-day requirement for enhancements.