Malaysia IT Spending Summary V15 - Jan 2007

Following up from previous discussion version 14.

We found that ...

1. MCMC RM 20 million funds for 3G development. (IT Projects)
2. MDeC RM 80 million funds for pre-seed development. (IT Projects)
3. Edaran RM 12 million contract for supply of ICT products for Education ministry. (IT Projects)
4. Heitech Padu RM 258 million contract for Mindef software development. (IT Projects)
5. Huawei-3COM RM 4.5 million for network deployment of University Malaya. (IT Projects)
6. Mimos RM 162 million (out of RM 474 million) for various research programmes. (IT Projects)
7. MSC MGS grant RM 120 million. (IT Projects)
8. i-Power RM 60 million bidding for corporate and government e-business tenders. (IT Projects)

Rumours, screenshots and defamation lawsuit..

Screenshots raised the issue of US$50 billion loans from foreigners to fund 9MP, it is still considered as a rumour only.

At the same time, Screenshots with Rocky Bru has been subjected to defamation lawsuits for their aggressive bloggings. Screenshots urged to be given fairness to both plaintiffs and defendants. Therefore, viewers are advised to exercise discretionary alerts in order not to create subjudice-undertaking circumstances. However, it is your choice to choose to walk with them or watch by the sideways. There is nothing wrong, it is a court case... no fear, won't die.

New Projects Recorded ....

A commentor commented that "Some big project are not from 9th plan and some fall into PFI (Private Finance Initiative) category which involve total project cost for 15 years." Pleas take note.

1. Satang Jaya Mindef's project of RM 364.5 million for equipments for the airforce. (IT Projects) (9MP)
2. RM 30 million E-Judiciary system. (IT Projects)(9MP)
3. RM 120 million to bring unlimited power supply to ICT facilities for school (IT Projects) (9MP)


This brings the total of Malaysia IT Spending to RM 1543 million (RM 1.543 billion) plus minus.