Best Free Software by PC Magazine

The PC magazine published something about best free software available for download.

I thought that the best way to capitalize on the information, as such to optimize the spread in order to maximize the benefits to others, is to copy all the text into a blog entry and give all credit back to the source. This is because search engines will crawl on this page and start making indexes out of it.

However, this is not too right when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) of PC Magazine. Because had I done that, then the end results (of SEO) belonging to PC Magazine on that particular information will be hijacked by this blog. So, it is not right to copy and paste everything.

Ok, first of all, let's create a cache of the page in case the source goes missing in the future.

These softwares are classified into

  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Utilities and PC management
  • Music & Audio
  • Video and Graphics
  • Firefox extensions
  • Networking & Mobility
  • Fun and Games
so, what is next ? Go check out this link.