Business strategies on Malaysia IT companies

There was an article by Bentley Williams (Principal consultant of Bentley Williams Consulting) published at The Straits Times, under CATS recruit section ...

It preaches about going extra mile for customers and they will help you to grow your business. Highlighted points are:

  • Respect them
  • Focus on customers - knows what they really want
  • Go the extra mile - value add
  • Give a special touch - Surprise
  • Follow up action
So these are strategies to nurture your business to the next level or to maintain a healthy business.

Recent Business Strategies of Malaysian IT companies ...

CybertowersStepping up its after-sales services and expanding its offices
Intelligent Edge Technologies Bhd (IE)Piggy-back on a recent acquisition and future strategic partnerships to venture into niche ICT applications and mobile telecommunications value-added services
ViztelTo get more contracts from the government and public sector.
Efficient E-Solutions“Firstly,actively evaluating and exploring possible joint ventures or acquisitions to establish similar operations regionally, particularly in China and Indonesia, primarily because of the huge potential for its service offerings in these countries

Secondly, we want to leverage on our existing base of clients and be able to provide further value-added services
Scan AssociatesMesdaq-listed SCAN Associates Bhd has teamed up with Saudi Arabian IT company VERSOS to provide IT security solutions there besides tapping into new market segments, particularly the telecommunications and oil and gas industries.
KarensoftTo be taken over by a private company under its proposed restructuring scheme.


1. Acquisitions
2. Expansion
3. Focus on key accounts (after sales, value add)
4. Tap into public sectors
5. Tap into new markets (middle east)
6. Joint ventures & partnerships

Not so distinctively leaning on the Blue Ocean Strategy yet..