How much does your site worth ?

Thanks to Jiboneus blog, I also find interesting enough.

It offers free web service to evaluate the value of your URLs based on certain factors... is already a half a millionaire by Malaysian standard!!

So, this URL is worth $1,815 (not bad actually, thanks for the kind courtesy)

Here are few indicators... quite interesting for web masters, site owners, netpreneurs and etc.

The bad thing about dnscoop is that it should speak for itself only, as a reference point because otherwise your URLs will be subjected to devaluation if not for over-valuation. But if dnscoop is able to maintain its operation for the next 10 years, very likely that marketeers who rely on Internet advertisement would use it to bargain for advertising space pricing. This can be very misleading because dnscoop only speaks for itself. However, this doesn't demerit its contributions towards the web community and Internet age.

Nevertheless, it is also good for end-users as a reference.