SKYPE : The setup files are corrupted.

Have you ever encountered this situation where after downloaded the installation file for SKYPE (under Windows 2000), and having run it gives the following error message.

"The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."

The web browser used is Firefox.

This is rather weird. It puzzles IT savvy people as in where is the problem originality ?

Solutions ...

Anyway, the solution is this.

Don't delete the corrupted file (installation file). It is indeed corrupted because certain bytes are missing, means that the download didn't complete fully.

Go back to the download page and manually press on the download link again.

You will be surprise to see that Firefox will help you to reestablish the download of files which didn't get to finish earlier. Check out the screen capture below.

Still not working ?

Try again, make sure all the bytes for the installation files are properly transferred to your PC.

I only redownloaded once and it is working.


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