Follow-up and close sales

Malaysia is trying to do something to the ongoing issue of blogs, which may fall under many categories affecting the social political scenario of the country, such as defamations giving rise to national security problems.

Just today, a minister suggested to have all bloggers registered for it. So that you can be made accountable for some problems. Someone just have to be blamed, this is the system of today's society.

Free Speech, culture and literature ...

But if today, I want to just write about personal stuff, such as personal stuff which are not confidential, for instance, the food which I like to eat and don't like to eat. Do I need to register ? Registration would enable the affected parties to bring me to court whenever they have a good budget for it. For instance, I said that I hate to eat McDonalds becaue it is so delicious and I might be liable. Well, this is really going against free speech and human rights. Why can't I hate to eat McDonalds when it is delicious?

IT-Sideways Tech Blog would love to be registered, because this is a bit like a formal blog which doesn't cater much for personal contents such as "something personal which has nothing to do with you". Even though this blog is still based on personal opinion, it's content is quite filtered.

But in the name of free speech, I hope that we can leave those personal bloggers alone.

Economy, business, social and crimes too ...

Over-simplication would give rise to economy problem too. For instance, if we assume that whoever thinks McDonald is delicious and thus would like the food unreservedly. This assumption would bring about the following chain reaction.

1. McDonalds will fire all its marketing personnel.
2. McDonalds would cut short on advertising.
3. McDonalds would not be implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
4. McDonalds would not be implementing Business Intelligence solutions.
5. McDonalds would not be implementing SAP solutions.

Many people would become jobless and the unemployment rate for the country would rise. This will bring up the crime rates and causing social distability.


And since every case has to be closed eventually, which our politicians are really working hard on the case (blogs filtering and registration), I suggest that Malaysia issue non-mandatory content certification for those who wished to register. I repeat, only those who wish to register. It will be something like ISO standard.

This will be ample to solve the problem. For instance, if a blog is certified by Malaysia and it contains malicious content, then actions need to be taken. If an uncertified blog contains suspicious content, then it can be ignored.

Citizen of the world and Long-Tail economy...

Malaysian need to become citizen of the world. The country of 24 million is a too small market for many businesses. To do that, we must first embraced the cyber frontier. This is our only short-cut into the ever saturated world of business.

Google preaches the long-tail economy. Long-tail preaches that there will be opportunity for every person in this world, we may not have equal share but we will have shares. Go read the book "The Long Tail by Chris Anderson".

I would quote a paragraph on food marketing from the book.

The supermarket helped create the middle class. Its low prices freed up substantial funds for families to spend on cars, homes, education and other needs and amenities of life. As supermarkets proliferated in the 1950s and 1960s, they played a pivotal role in creating the American middle class. On the supermarket's silver aniversary, President Kennedy said that the supermarket's low-cost mass marketing techniques" ... have enabled a higher standard of living and have contributed importantly to our economic growth."
During the Cold War, from 1958 to 1988, some 50,000 Soviet citizens traveled to the U.S., most touring an American supermarket on their trip. The supermarket showcased how a free-market economy could deliver abundant, affordable food and became a metaphor for what capitalism could do and Communism could not. in his autobiography, Boris Yeltsin gave this account of his 1989 visit to a supermarket in Houston: "When I saw those shelves crammed with hundreds, thousands of cans, cartons, and goods of every possible sort, for the first time I felt quite frankly sick with despair for the Sovient people. That such a potentially super-rich country as ours has been brought to a state of such poverty!!! It is terrible to think of it."

Let's close the sales.


Anonymous said…
HI is there a way I can send you information on tech updates.

Anonymous said…
Malaysia is full of crap...Vision 2020 sure tak capai, if we continue to be like this.
Anonymous said…
Why is Malaysia so scared about people speaking their mind ? Is the government afraid to receieve criticism ? Want to know why the average layman wouldn't want his identity exposed on the internet ? Its not because he is telling lies and defaming people on his blogs and does not want to be held accountable. It's because he is scared shitless the government will haul his ass to ISA without reason.

Go !!
Anonymous said…
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