HITBSecConf 2007 Malaysia - Hack in the Box!

Hack in The Box Security Conference 2007 Malaysia will be held from September 3rd until the 6th at HILTON KL Sentral and the onlineregistration is now open.

HITBSecConf is Asia's largest network security conference and is organized as a community centric non-profit effort with the aim ofcreating a platform for the discussion and dissemination ofdeep-knowledge computer security issues. Held in Kuala Lumpur since 2002and more recently in Dubai, HITBSecConf routinely hosts some of the mostrespected members from the mainstream and underground security arena.

We’re expecting over 800 attendees to join us from around the world forthis year’s Malaysian leg and we promise they will not be disappointed!

HITBSecConf2007 - Malaysia will be the largest network security event inAsia with 4 keynote speakers and over 40 of the world’s leadingresearchers and security experts under one roof.

Some of the highlights:

7 Tracks of Hands-On Technical Trainings:
TECH TRAINING 1 - Advanced Web Application & Services HackingTrainers: Shreeraj Shah (Director, Net-Square) & Umesh Nagori

TECH TRAINING 2 - The Exploit LaboratoryTrainer: Saumil Shah (Director, Net-Square) & SK Chong (SecurityConsultant, SCAN Associates Bhd.)

TECH TRAINING 3 -Structured Network Threat Analysis and ForensicsTrainers: Meling Mudin (spoonfork) and Lee Chin Shing (geek00l)

TECH TRAINING 4 - Practical Malcode Threat AnalysisTrainer: Dr. Jose Nazario (Senior Security Engineer, Arbor Networks)

TECH TRAINING 5 - Telecommunication FraudTrainer: Carlos Lowie (Unit Manager, Investigations, Belgacom)

TECH TRAINING 6 - War Driving Kuala LumpurTrainers: Anthony Zboralski (Founder, HERT & PT. Bellua Asia Pacific) &Jim Geovedi (Member of HERT & Security Consultant PT. Bellua Asia Pacific)

TECH TRAINING 7 - Hacking and Hardening OracleTrainer: Alexander Kornbrust (Founder, Red Database Security GmbH)

Dual Track Security Conference:
Day 1 Keynote Speakers: Mark ‘Phiber Optik’ Abene and Emmanuel Goldstein
Day 2 Keynote Speakers: Lance Spitzner and Mikko Hypponen

Other event highlights:
BZFlag Competition: Organized by members of the US Army, attendees toHITBSecConf2007 will be able to blow off some steam in a BZFlag arena.BZFlag is an online multiplayer cross-platform open source 3D tank battle!

HITB Cinema: As part of our yearly charity initiative, we are organizingscreenings of Freedom Downtime and Urchin. Freedom Downtime, directedand produced by Emmanuel Goldstein is the story of computer hacker KevinMitnick, imprisoned without bail for nearly five years while Urchin isan independent production written and directed by John Harlacher andstars Mark Abene as ‘The Inside Man’ and Emmanuel Goldstein as ‘TheOutside Man’. Shot illegally in the subways, sewers, and streets of NewYork City “Urchin” is a prime example of guerrilla cinema made possibleby new technology. This will be the first time in Asia Pacific thatthese movies are being shown to the public and all proceeds from thesescreenings will go to the Malaysian National Cancer Council - MAKNA.

Capture The Flag: With cash prizes worth USD6,000 this years’ CaptureThe Flag game has already received confirmation of participation fromPadocon from Korea (last year’s champions), NDMTeam from Bulgaria, ArmyStrong comprising members of the US Army and Zone-H from Italy.

Zone-H/HITB Hacking Challenge: Zone-H in colaboration with the Hack inThe Box crew will organize a 6-level web-based hackgame in whichindividual participants will be challenged to try to beat the hackgamein the shortest possible time. Based on the original game developed byZone-H in 2005, there will be no need to bring your own exploits or yourown laptop.

Lock Picking Village (LPV): Deviant Olam, Eric Michaud and Q who aremembers from the The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOL USA) will berunning a Lock Picking Village at the conference in which attendees willbe invited to try their hands at bumping and other physical securitybypass methods! If you think your home locks are secure, you’re morethan welcome to bring them along and see for yourself how easily theycan be bypassed.

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See you in September!

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