Local technopreneurs falter on false hopes

During year 2006, the numbers of SME/SMI(s) is approximately populated at 349,617.

That wasn't a bad number, it was quite a big market.

Funding Problems...

But SME/SMI(s) has not enough money to eat....

Moneys need to be reserved for future challenges which is described precisely in this news coverage about the predicaments of SME/SMI(s) in securing business loans.

They SME(s) has no money... and local entrepreneurs cannot afford to make business plan based on just one sided intelligence where it is based on the theory of abundance; 99.2% of companies in Malaysia are classified as SME/SMI which is equivalent to 546,218 companies known to statistic. It is responsible for 5.6 million jobs opportunity that is 56% of the total job market. Check out the source of this information.

and Oracle may not be accurate with its marketing strategy per se.

Goverment Funding...

Technopreneurs may want to consider the technopreneurs pre-seed fund programme available from MDeC, which provides the following attractions:

1. A maximum of up to RM 150,000 funding for development of up to 12 months.
2. No repayment is requirement unless the following applies:
- RM 1 million or more sales is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed.
- Additional funding received for RM 1 million or more is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed
- The Intellectual Property is sold for RM 1 million or more within 3 years periods after the project is completed
3. Meant for individuals, companies need not apply.
4. Projects can be of any genre, may not have to be R & D.

And just as what MDeC CEO mentioned that local technopreneurs need to look out for international market, perhaps this pre-seed fund should be utilized for preparation of the bigger challenges outside the shore of Malaysia.

This also proves that what indeed been mentioned as part of the plan for 9th Malaysian Plan is been accounted for, at least for this context.

Individual Markets - Over abundance:

Perhaps it is even more feasible, that instead of hoping on market share from the SME/SMI(s) market which is claimed to be under-budget, technopreneurs can focus on the individual market.

One of such latest hot venture is MESDAQ listed MTOUCHE Technology Berhad who just recently announced its business foray into the Japanese mobile content market featuring the product called M-Bit Network. And according to press release:

M-Bit Network is the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) search and file super-distribution network. It is lauded as the first of its kind in the world because it allows the sharing of content files (a capability known as peer-to-peer or P2P technology), between mobile phones via transmission over wireless mobile networks; whereas right until now P2P technology has been limited to the sharing of content files stored in computers over fixed wired networks.

Check out Lemak Lemang for some questions into this first of its kind exciting technology which is set to rock up the boring content market of Malaysia; which is expected to grow to RM 2.25 trillion in the next three years.

Amongst the issues raised by Lemak Lemang are:

1. Efficient bandwidth usage
2. Prevalence of Malwares


Brandon Teoh said…

1. Existing entrepreneurs can apply even without ICT backgroud. The idea is to get you to become technopreneur no matter what your background is.

2. Evaluation period would take 8 weeks on the average.

3. There will only be 6 batches and current batch opens from 11th April to 10th May 2007.

4. So far, 17 projects has been awarded and totaled RM 2.2 million.

5. Up to 5 ppl can be included in the team. Thus maximum allowances claimable = 5 (ppl) x 12 (mths) x 1500 (RM) = 90 k (RM); which is 60% of the total fund for each case.

6. Product enhancements is a non-qualifying criteria. Nevertheless, continuation of works from previous CIP (Cradle Investment Programme) projects are encouraged and will be accepted.

7. Direct experiences for intended ideas would not have direct weightage on the evaluations. But it does help though.
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