TheStar Online promoting world war 3 ?

I was taken aback when I first saw the page on TheStar online regarding the shooting incidence in US.

Thus, I thought the shooting has resulted into conflict which escalates into world war III.

Enjoy it while it last...

Actually Not...

Thankfully, I know that it is Google Adsense!!!! Yes, TheStar Online is innocent, it is just following blindly what Google has to offer.

But should we shut down TheStar Online ? Because some readers unfamiliar with Google Adsense might actually believe that TheStar Online is publishing the news of World War III following the incidence of the shooting.

If you are unfamiliar with the issues of online publishing, ethics, regulations and responsibilities, please check out this link.

Enjoy it while it last... because the same advertisement might never appear again. or simply it was just a fluke.

But this is a good one. I have a good laugh about it :D

Another Example:

Some Adwords subscribers(advertisers) bidded successfully for the term "heart complication". The advertisers are selling health supplement products. Due to their innovative sense, they created their marketing messages as ...

"Human are not born with diseases, it is a results of our doings, if you have heart complications, something wrong with your doings. But, be not worry, with our products, you can undo your wrong doings."

Then there is this news about some politicians going for regular medical check-ups which include the procedure of checking for heart attack complications and the news trigger the advertisement message above.

Outdated people might think that the politicians suffer because of their wrong doings.

This might affect the ratings of the politicians.


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