What are bloggers fighting for ?

Recently there has been pretty a lot of issues pertaining to bloggers and as a blogger I feel proud because it is just like how Mahatma Gandhi puts it.

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
and then they fight you,
and then and then you win.

Jiboneus blog mentions about Bloggers' code of conduct... and some jokers make jokes about Malaysia handling of media regulations. But it is in fact valid that Singaporean are quite naughty lot because they dare not laugh at China who blocks blogger all the way from top to bottom.

Despite all these.... I been thinking. What bloggers are fighting for is really the very fundamental of human's need.

What do you think ?

You think we are fighting for that rice bowl ?
That few "potentially" Google Adsense revenues which are going to retire us from rat race?
To uphold the celebrity culture amongst the top of bloggers ?

No No No...

We are fighting for the freedom to choose.

Remember this, freedom to choose. That is the ultimate aim.