Business strategy on Malaysia Companies (2)

Our last discussion on Business Strategy on Malaysia IT Companies has been posted quite a while.

Lastest updates on other companies publicly announcing their strategies include:

VADS BHDwould continue striving to be a leading managed ICT service provider and add value for its customers through professional solutions, service consulting and training in the areas of managed network services (MNS), systems integration services (SIS) and contact centre services (CCS).
SSITASSITA would tap into the 60,000 members of MIRC’s P5 programme, which assists SMEs in adopting technology and better business practices but added the Openbook Programme was open to all SMEs.
Redtone"On WiMAX rollout to East Malaysia - REDtone has strength in network connectivity as we’re connected to more than 70 telcos (telecommunication companies) around the world, and we can provide technical support. These are the values we can bring to the partnership in East Malaysia"
KPMG Advisory ServicesThe C-class executives (chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and chief information officer) need someone to advise them on IT
Eng TeknologiIn this era, the company should not limit itself to manufacturing activities alone, but should compete on the best route to capital funding

Eng Teknologi is talking about financial game.

Are you geared up for financial games ? Such as joint-venture, venture capitalising, merger and acquisitions and etc.

Indeed, it has now become a challenge for technopreneurs not just to be good technically (product development) but also financially sound. This is particularly true when SMI/SME players are forced into constraint budgets where more innovative financial techniques are desired.

We have to look out for financial gains and explore endless possibilities all the time.

However, very often, the top executives of companies have all their hands tied-down, rendering inability to stretch the financial whiz side of theirs. In such cases, you can email IT-Sideways for discussions.

Every since proliferation of blogs, the following two consequences becomes pertinent where ...

  • Information becomes more free
  • Consultation becomes sell-down

Everybody seems to be associated with some kind of expertises; so to speak. In a way, customers can now research what they want to buy and do-away with those so-called advisory con-sultation. But do they have time, they still need someone to help them to get the analysis done. They need recommendations based on proves upon proves.

For lighter side of this topic, let's all go for this so-called lucky-draw.

Good luck!