Funding for Technopreneurs (Malaysia)

Local techno scenes have been getting more financial wheels for aids recently. It is said that now is the best time to become technopreneur, if you choose to be.

Given the strong reality bites faced by local technopreneurs which I have put it, we should always strive for the betterness of the future.

1. MVCA Showcase:

First of all, we have an initiative from MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capitalist Association) which is called the "Show Case of High Growth and Emerging Companies", where it is seeking business plans for evaluation. However, too bad that the date line is today.

MVCA is an association for venture capitalism. Through the web sites, much information can be obtained about who and what is out there in Malaysia with regards to VC activities.

2. MIRC - MCA ICT Resource Center

MIRC has collaborated with TheStar publication to launch a venture capital fund with total value of RM 3.5 million.

It is also seeking business plans now, hurry, you got 5 days left. The dateline is on 20th May 2007. (This is the first batch only)

MCA is a Malaysia chinese political party who sides the national rulling coalition; Barisan National (BN).

3. MDeC Pre-Seed Fund

The biggest fund that I know so far is MDeC pre-seed fund which totalled RM 80 million.

1. A maximum of up to RM 150,000 funding for development of up to 12 months.
2. No repayment is requirement unless the following applies:
- RM 1 million or more sales is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed.
- Additional funding received for RM 1 million or more is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed
- The Intellectual Property is sold for RM 1 million or more within 3 years periods after the project is completed
3. Meant for individuals, companies need not apply.
4. Projects can be of any genre, may not have to be R & D.
5. Focus on commercialization.
6. Keep it simple.

Recent batch just closed at 10th May 2007 and there will be three more batches to come by. The last batch is scheduled at the period of November 2007.

And we are expecting more funds to come, which was archived earlier during the cooking of 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP) hot soup.

Thanks to Just Mobile for the heads-up.

Work hard!!!