JackBe on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

JackBe has a great story to tell about SOA. It is telling it through the REA (Rich Enterprise Application) way.

JackBe provides a tool for integrating SOA backends with rich browser UI (user interface) features.

Examples ...

Military - Each military personnel are able to make use of JackBe's tool to create
customized web based software interface known as dashboard to help with analysis customizing to individual flavour.

But then again...

If we study carefully, what the following case study is trying to tell is that JackBe helped to implement a better AJAX system for Nutrisystem by leveraging on its so-called SOA backends.


Same goes for the following case.


Same goes for the following case.


Essentially, JackBe's idea is about creating AJAX application out of whatever backend systems that you have. It assumes that your backends have been SOA-enabled. And now, using its tools,you can quickly transform or capitalize your assets (backends) into profit reaping benefits.

The tools are great for reaping the benefits of AJAX, SOA and the Web 2.0

Looks like someone can apply to become a reseller for JackBe's tools and apply it to the banking industry in Malaysia, which I think is most needed for SOA capitalization.

Now, I want to know what are the SOA(s) available outside in the market ?

You can get a full list of available public SOA resources here.

and to give you an opinion of summary, here it is ...

where majority of mashup(s) provides mapping functionalities.

Wait a minute. Mashup is referring to how you make use (mess things up) of public web services or the so-called SOA backends which allows one to create something which may be useful for others.

And you know what ? GoogleMaps is the most widely used SOA amongst the mashup(s).

And I am still figuring out why GoogleMap is not available to Malaysia ? Anyone has any better idea ?

One potential answer is that no one holds the rights to most updated maps in Malaysia. That is that no one, except the government who doesn't has updated maps. The government doesn't has a body to exercise latest maps update. Private companies won't sell to Google and Google won't buy from the government agency because it couldn't convince on the updates issue. I think so.

Now, finally, how do you go about creating an SOA architecture ?

The answer is actually pretty simple, frameworks.