Latest updates on mobile sector development Malaysia

First of all, MCMC is conducting handphone users survey (2007) for period 2 months. Random numbers will be selected to enable such practices. Don't be surprised that someone will call you from MCMC to ask you 20 questions.

Secondly, MCMC is innovating a new method for Malaysian to benefit from lost of handphone devices. The barring of PIN unblocking key (PUK) which provides access to the SIM card will be exercised.

Thirdly, Screenshots analyzes that the initiative to register pre-paid mobile accounts (nationwide practice) has not been quite living up to expectation and more fine-tunings are needed to apply.

Finally, the latest debate putting Jeff Ooi on sleepless nights is about the issue of abuses of mobile content providers towards Malaysian mobile subscribers for all telecommunication providers which include the likes of Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

It looks like there have been a lot of interesting facts building up to knowledgebase for techno-savvy Malaysian. Screenshots urges Malaysian not to be unassuming; we have to voice it out! Surely, who has the time to think too much about this ? As end-users, we definitely need external help.

I personally took some interest in the issue as it is very informative for me.

Let's jump in straight into this blog entry called "Majority wants cowboy CPs removed.."

To give us a sneak preview, the following line copy directly from Screenshots says it all.

( 1 ) There are only a few bad hats and rogue players among the mobile content providers; ( 2 ) these few bad apples, who have been proven by the authority to have involved in the SMS Scam were sufficient to destroy the market; ( 3 ) the rip-off on the unassuming mobile users, especially the repaid users who are not given itemised billings by the Celcos -- amount to millions of ringgit in the last two years alone; ( 4 ) the most exploited loophole was SMS Spoofing coming through fake MOs collaborated and perpetrated by local CPs and overseas international roaming gateway providers through IP/TCP and SS7 connections; ( 5 ) the majority of the CPs wanted action taken against the rogue players -- whom they call the Cowboy CPs -- to save the entire industry; and ( 6 ) the MMCP has conducted an industry survey of what the law-abiding CPs wanted in the interest of developing the industry to greater heights.

So basically, this is finger pointing game and the apparent accuse is now "technology loophole". Shouldn't the System Architect be made responsible ?? What about those IT Auditors ??

The gis is that if you have been suffering from unauthorized content billings, someone acting as fake MO (Mobile-originated) on your behalf had actually requested for such content to be sent to your account.

The "technology loophole" diagram taken from Screenshots is as follows.


Anonymous said…
scam must kill. 4 arms and legs agree. telling lie and misinformation must kill also, especially famous lier jeff ooi. what is sms, spam or scam he thinks people don't know. baselessly defame telcos and their suppliers making ad money from his blog is unethical. there is getting more and more calls for supporting BLOGGERS CODE OF CONDUCT. Beware of promoting wrong information, the government instruction after NST sued jeff ooi for defamation is to catch of defamation blogs all together. study carefully before copy and paste jeff ooi lies. innocent people defame by him is not the first time.
Anonymous said…
This IT company from singapore mtouche is the one top singapore spammer jeff ooi promotes?
Anonymous said…
kill spammers and scammers just like the internet spammers and scammers. but better kill it right not simply accuse without technical evidence. many bloggers are also sleepless when if true government just announce on the tv will catch internet defamation gang. i did not defame anyone ok.
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for comments.

I agree with both garisan keadilan and zingmobile.

This blog doesn't prejudice individuals or companies.

I think the content form Jeff Ooi provides some technical thinking input for this blog.

BLOGGERS CODE OF CONDUCT will have to be obeyed sincerely.
Anonymous said…
Interesting. Why Jeff ooi only target 2 companies even though no proof showing they did anything wrong besides tech issues. Where as there about 18 companies were suspected. The story exploded with AKN targeting competitors and supply Jeff Ooi with false information does explain why 2 but not 20 companies were scapegoat of the scam. Jeff Ooi himself is OK and no bad intention but not his method. Generalize and pick only 1 or 2 victim and attack baselessly is not what we want to see in this country.
Brandon Teoh said…

So, bloggers must be fair in their statements and at any times, should the blogs are unable to speak for everything, it has to be specifically mentioned.

Let's restrain to suggest that Jeff Ooi is biased towards any party even though the blogs may be suggestive in this manner.
Anonymous said…
Check out SMS spoofing from the zero group. They are the only company that can spoof numbers in the usa or canada
Brandon Teoh said…
Who is doing the spoofing for these Malaysian based content providers ?
Anonymous said…
Talk about scammer from Singapore, Zingmobile which hide behind the name Parade9 in Malaysia and PT Media Kreasi Utama in Indonesia is the real spammer and scammer found. Why Jeff Ooi is not targeting this real spammer, someone may explain? Jeff Ooi is living in his own world, so tiny, he though he could simply pick a victim and lump everything mobile phone related problems to sabotage them. What a lame method. Shame shame.
Anonymous said…
Spoofing? Anything people don't know they said there will of God. Else, blame the ghost. What is spoofing? Simply put up some chart, anybody can do it. That does not prove any spoof. Asking who can access the bank system to add a ZERO into your bank account, that person must first hack into the bank. Better off, if it did happen probably it's coming from the bank internal wrong doing. This is the same idea human being could understand. Jeff thinks he is smarter than Bill Gates or other IT experts in the world but blaming the small guys out there to fullfill his theory. Maybe government are stupid to believe in his lie, but not general educated public. Lier lier.
Anonymous said…
Jeff ooi olang kurang siuman digigit anjing gila. Spoofing from where he cannot get even 1 evidence. Reading all the facts, this is how it begun.

1 crazy man call Lim Seng Boon from AKN MESSAGING TECHNOLOGIES BHD, my x boss friend, reported his competitors to MCMC. Very common issues, he made it as if very serious issues. Telco complaint a day is 500 cases, the sms providers only 1 case. Percentage is already very low how come nobody complaint to MCMC about the telcos but the sms providers? How come only during the period Lim wanted to bid for project all these issue came out? You guess.

Then Lim did not get his project. Someone else got it by the name Macrokiosk. Lim though that Macrokiosk is linked to Nextnation, so he started to sabotage the 2. Since no government, no telco, no media wanted to listen to Lim's lie, he turns to Jeff Ooi. Here is how Jeff started to sabotage these innocent companies.

So how to make a story exciting? Just add in magic, evil, god etc. There you go, Jeff Ooi purposely mislead public by generalize SMS = SCAM = SPAM = SPOOF.

What is spoof and any prove, until now still no evidence. In the world only "telco insider" can do it. Since it's evil thinking, just like you think Vampire is evil, Jeff Ooi ride on the general hatred feeling and scapegoat it on his victims. The actual % of catching such myth is 0%. Scam is the one most people receive everyday, from Akademi Fantasia Prizes to Bank Negara lottery. Many angry consumers may have put a blame on sms providers if someone made them a scapegoat. The Scammers out there has nothing to do with sms providers and Jeff Ooi once again purposely link them. This could be 10% of the unwanted sms you receive daily. There are also those Citibank, Tesco, Genting SMS promotion which are "promotion", and people consider as "spam". Those SMS most of the time consumer signup during form signing or questionaire. You can call it "spam" or you can consider it as those promo letter you get in your mailbox. Those account for 90% of the unwanted sms you receive. The sms services which you buy content from sms providers, check with telcos, account for less than 1% of the overall sms traffic and less than 1% of telco own complaint. To frame them and made them a scapegoat itself is already a crime. Such dirty and socially irresponsible deed is enought to put Jeff Ooi in jail.

There are some foreign sms providers who charges expensive services like Zingmobile and Mtouche from Singapore. If you work for telco long enough you will find that every time these foreign companies active in Malaysia, the industry turn GOOD to BAD and DIE OFF within short period of time. Someone should study carefully on regulating these irresponsible robbers.
Brandon Teoh said…
To give all parties benefit of doubts, with the commentors coming from anonymous background.

Will just have to wait for Jeff Ooi to comment on this.

Will forward this to him.