My streamyx account report.

Living up to the spirit of not becoming unassuming citizen, and redesigning Malaysia broadband landscape.

Previously, we discussed about some issues with p2p traffic going through Streamyx ISP.

Out of curiousity, I wanted to check out the relative speed of my Streamyx connection at my house.

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Post code: 47301

My ISP : TM's Streamyx.
My package : RM 88 / month for 2Mbps(download) and 512kbps (upload)

Aztech Router Settings

Indeed according to my router status report, I am getting 2048kbps (download) and 512 kbps (upload).

The relative speed I am getting ...

Internet Speed Test

which is 41.8/2048 * 100 = 2% (This test is provided by BandwidthPlace.

I am only getting 2% of what I have paid for monthly non-stop.

I tried another test center and found that ...

Internet Speed Test

Which is no big deal. Download speed is 60kbps out of the supposedly 2048kbps; 3%.

And worst still, it seems like the upload speed is also halved. Which means, in actually fact, I am only getting 1% of what I have been paying for. This test is provided by speakeasy.

Where did my 99% goes to ???