Some thoughts on web advertisements

The best place to put your Google Ads or Yahoo Ads and etc is actually at the top part of your blogs or web sites immediately under the official logo. Place the ads as banner (468x60)

Some case studies ...

1. Mage's Labs - Malaysia Political Blog.

The ads are very clickable... very attractive.

and Youtube

2. TheStar Online...

Ads are placed as footer of each news.

Total failure. I doubt anyone would click on it.

I don't suppose TheStar online makes a lot of money out of Google Adsense. They could.

Two cents...

Try to manual perform ads targeting. Means that don't let Google or Yahoo or others decide what advertisement contents for you, choose it yourself.

I said so because certain content would not attract attention through web ads. For instance, technology products, web ads are seldom effective. This is because when you are in the mood for technical stuffs, you wouldn't be wandering around for web advertisements which are "now you see it, now you don't".

The best bet for technical stuffs or serious stuffs is through search engine optimization. Unless the viewer is a geek who leisure on tech ads.

I would think that if you have contents on technical stuff, try to target ads on a lighter side of things like financial, politics, business and etc. Try not to bring back tech ads which may come from your competitors.

If you have contents on Malaysia, the best complement is to include ads on entertainment, tourism, food and etc. If you include again web ads on tech stuff, it will be less attractive.