Streamyx and bit-torrent problems ?

Many complains have been churned out from Streamyx customers about the possibility which the broadband ISP provider enforces on the limitation of bandwidth towards p2p traffics, particularly those involving bit-torrents.

After doing some research, the possibility that it is true that Streamyx does limit p2p traffics is positive.

Therefore, the way out are:

1. Change ISP (internet service providers)
2. or Use encryption for the traffics.
3. or if method-2 doesn't work, create a logical private session by passing the ISP via encryption. This method is known as SecureIX VPN (Virtual private network).

The free account offers - 256 kbps, which is 1/4 of your RM 88 streamyx package(1024kbps). But it should be good enough for experimenting.

If you are serious, you can pay for premium package which gives you 5000 kbps, which is 5 times your RM 88 Streamyx package.

Nevertheless, some industry experts feel that this issue is merely parts and parcels of life of ISPs.

On my personal site, Streamyx has been getting better recently. The last hiccup which I experienced was during December 2006.

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