e-Public Services status report (1) Malaysia

First of all, congratulation to MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economic Research) for accurately predicting the lowering of interest rates in Malaysia.

This can be evidenced from personal loan packages. Check out the following.

Alliance Bank, CashVantage, September 2006, Interest rate = 8.99% per annum
Standard Chartered, Cheque-on-call, June 2007, Interest rate = 6.99% per annum

This real scenario depicts that fact that interest rates is falling and the bank already know it before the unassuming consumers do. The fact is that Malaysian are not expected to see rise of interest rate of more than 7% for at least 12 months period. Otherwise, the bank would look really stupid for having to borrow you money which you can deposit into some Fixed Deposits at the same rate.

Up to date, the highest interest rates for fixed deposit is provided by EON bank which is 4% (for long period).

Coming back to MIER, I strongly feels that the web site requires to go for revamption. Is it too expensive to purchase better looking web 2.0 template ?

We gotta accept new approach u know ??

Anyway, small matter.. let's check out the status for recently better-delivery of public services.

It was reported earlier here.

1. Web services (SOA) is the way!
2. Usage of CCTVs in Terengganu
3. JPJ upgrading computer system
4. MCMC tracked down illegal investment web sites.
5 Check post-SPM teacher training cost via sms.
6. Dedicated broadband service to boost efficiency - Selnet.
7. Free job portal.
8. Digital security enforcement - GISCC
9. Digital security measures - no handphones and smartphones
10. IT crisis team - zero down time
11. Iskandar Development Region
12. DBKL
13. Renewal of driving licenses
14. Tax : Inland revenue board e-filling system
15. One stop government web site.
16. Legal: e-courts

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