Streamyx Account Report (3)

Following from report 1 and report 2

Current site..

Streamyx ADSL Speed

It is a 2Mbps (download) and 512 kbps (upload) package.

Testing with InternetFrog (via Java Applet) (recommendation from reader Stephen)..

Testing Broadband Speed Result

The result is very positive; around 1Mbps for download. This is a big difference compare to report 1.

Confirmation with Streamyx's Speedometer (also Java Applet) ..

Streamyx Speedometer Test Result

The result agrees with that of InternetFrog. This means that testing with Java Applet seems to be more accurate compared with other methods such as that from report 2.

This could be due to many reasons. But I think it could be related to TCP/IP and HTTP.

The Java Applets (Speedometer and InternetFrog) is a client embedded in the web site which would connect to a server somewhere. Both would then communicate for testing the speed. The communication should be in TCP/IP.

As for downloading testing, such as that narrated in report 2, it uses HTTP. And I am not sure if Flash uses TCP/IP or HTTP.

Conclusion ..

The conclusion for now seems to suggest that Streamyx is not that sucks after all. The actual trunk is capable of around 1Mbps (download) in terms of TCP/IP. HTTP is a bit tricky (since it resides at the application layer and it uses the service of TCP/IP in the background too).

You should use Streamyx's Speedometer as the de facto testing tool because it test your speed directly from local loop to ISP. (Advised by networking guru Mr.Barau)

Clear the doubt that a 1Mbps (download) broadband package is an ADSL Internet Connection with data rates of 1Mbps.

Streamyx never guarantees that you can download files at the speed of 1024 k bits per second (1024/8 = 128 k Bytes per second), which in theory means that it can download a file of 128 k Bytes in one second where if on average an MP3 is around 3 M Bytes, then it would only take 24 seconds ([1024 x 3] / 128).

Look at its marketing message, where it sells on the idea of :

1. Always-on Internet connection (at affordable rates)
2. High speed connectivity (very ambiguous)

A data rate of 1 M bits per second for download is doesn't mean you can download an average MP3 in 24 seconds.

Will find out more.


shlimmm said…
Would be great to actually test the speed of streamyx new 4Mbps package, I went to TM Net asking for the application, but according to them my area (Kepong) is not 4Mbps ready yet 0_o
Brandon Teoh said…
alamak... why don't u opt for other providers ?

Check out the listing here.

Anyway... it seems my conclusion(Report 3) is not very accurate yet.

Report 3 is tested on a corporate (office) location.

Yesterday I tested at home (supposedly 2Mbps download) using your recommended InternetFrog and it yielded only 69kbps(download) and 110kbps(upload). Which is not good for downloading.

This shows that there is a difference between home and corporate package, where both come with different charges.

Will do more research on this.

Thanks for reading this blog