Streamyx Account Report (4) - What happened ?

Just as I had praised Streamyx for being competent. I realized that I was betrayed as a user.

Check out the speed for today.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Home. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)
Time: 6:22pm

I think the speed agreed with 8.60 kpbs as tested by InternetFrog.

And I think the speedometer provided by Streamyx is not accurate at all. Even though it may be true that I am getting 1132.16 kbps directly from my node to the ISP, but beyond that is another story. So, what is the point ? The ISP must provide caching services to many web sites then, so that we no need to go through the International link.

This is not fair by any standard. I am definitely still paying for my monthly RM 88 subscription without interruptions.

This is utterly unacceptable given the fact that I had been a loyal subscriber for around 3 years.

Now I am considering should I really take all the trouble to change my broadband supplier.

Even though it is still better than 56 kbps dial-up package, but definitely this is frustrating.


shlimmm said…
Yup, today streamyx bandwidth sucks, i'm getting 267 kbps download and 436 kbps upload - (internetfrog)

Our country should have more ISPs to choose from...
Brandon Teoh said…
aiks... so troublesome.

Let's change lar.

Let me go around looking for good alternatives.