Streamyx Account Report (5)

Following up from Report (4)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Corporate. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)
Time: 10:11 am

Testing with InternetFrog

833kbps (download)/ 97.5kbps(upload) - not too bad.

Testing with TM Speedometer

1509.28 kbps (download)

Time: 2:30 pm

InternetFrog297 kbps (download)

TM Speedometer
1219.36 kbps (download)

Time: 6:30pm

InternetFrog464 kbps (download)

TM Speedometer1492.32 kbps (download)

Time: 9:15pm

1.11 Mbps (download)

TM Speedometer
1.488 Mbps (download)

Not too bad comparing to that of home package. This speed will be good for home users or small enterprises (1 - 5 concurrent connections).


1. Corporate pays more for the same package and gets more priority.
2. Home users (in area with post code = 47301) should all down grade to basic package of 512 kbps (download) since the maximum you can get is less than 100 kbps (download). Under the terms and conditions, downgrade is permissible after the minimum subscription period, however it is not from the counter. It has to be based on written consent and subject to approval.