Streamyx Account Report (6)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Home. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)

Aztech Router interface

Time: 08:51 am


InternetFrog Speedtest

TM Speedometer..

TM Speedtest

Time: 11:21 am

Time: 2:53 pm

Time: 5:39 pm

Time: 11:26 pm

wow! 223kbps (download) / 84.6kbps (upload)


1. No solid case, the Internet connection has potential to reach up to 2Mbps (download) & 512 kbps (upload), just depends on mood. To figure out the mood is probably a waste of time, since it is really mood-swing. However, to build a mood detector might be useful.
2. No reason to subscribe to higher package other than 512 kbps (download) / 256 kbps (upload)
3. Downgrade from RM 88 package to RM 66 ? Still subjective. What if mood-swing ?
4. Check out RedesignMalaysia for latest updates.
5. Streamyx CEO should read this blog.

P/S: To run these test, you need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first. Check out this link.