Blogathon 2007 in Malaysia

Refer to LiewCF, there will be a blogathon to be held on 28th July 2007 (Saturday).

Check out the official site.

For participation, you can either be:

1. A participant. According to LiewCf, one has to blog non-stop for 24 hours, ideally, the benchmark is to create 48 blogs in 24 hours; every 30 minutes one new blog.
2. A sponsor.

This event is good for two reasons:

1. Bloggers networking.
2. Allow charity organizations to find sponsors.


Lyle Gogh said…
Hello all Serge Norguard of will be 'thonning for Unicef and you guys and gals can make a pledge here :

Pledges of $10 and above will have a post dedicated to them in a form of a poem.
Brandon Teoh said…
Ok ok... will support.