From Blogger to Politician

It is indeed official now that blogging can change your life.

Bill Gates is famous for Microsoft.
Steve Jobs is famous for Apple.
Michael Jordan is famous for Basketball.
Tun Dr. Mahathir is famous for Prime Minister.
Jeff Ooi is famous for blogging.

Now this one time famous blogger is going to be a politician and he is joining the DAP (opposition party).

Mr. Jeff Ooi has been in the limelight lately, not due to the surge of popularity of his blogs but also due to the surge of anti-popularity sentiment. Some people accuse him of having biased opinions.

I don't know this guy actually, I know he writes good blogs and it is very informative. I have never met him either.

But, I have the opinion that it takes more than will to step out from a low-profile lifestyle of a blogger to become a member of an opposition party.

Keep your comments about what you think about Mr. Jeff Ooi in this blog. For my purpose is to take note that blogging can change your life! Period.

Keep on blogging for the good reasons!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the excellent posts