SMI SME Survival Guides

On 22nd July 2007, they had a press conference to launch the SME Recognization Award 2007, nominations are now opened.

A brainstorming session has been undergone and here are the findings.

1. SMI SME players should strive to have less dependent on loan-shark.
2. Try to secure financial assistant from Microfinancing; initiative from Bank Negara.
3. Make use of e-banking services from Bank Pembangunan for better financial management.
4. Focus on servicing industry which includes the ICT industry.
5. Leverage on SMIDEC grants.
6. Make use of financing facilities from other banks particularly from OCBC bank for A/R financing, contract financing, supplying financing and etc.
7. Obtaining CGC facilities.

Most important, players are urged to form a strong base in Malaysia while look beyond the Malaysian market.

Previously, SMI SMEs are reported to have faced difficulties in obtaining financing facilities from the banks.

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