Streamyx Account Report (9)

As a user of Streamyx home and corporate package, these are my feedbacks again.

I did go ahead with down grade of my home package (2048/512 kbps@RM 88) to (512/256 kbps@ RM 66) and it is not yet affective yet, even though they promised me within three days.

However surprisingly, the speed for my home package did show improvement lately. Yesterday I managed to get around 300 kbps download. That is not bad after all.

Now, it seems that problems have been shifted to the corporate side whereby in a moody Monday morning, the Internet connection doesn't live up to expectation.

Area: 47301, P.J
Package: Corporate 2048 kbps (download)/ 512 kbps (upload)

Here are the observations:

Via InternetFrog

Just a 41.1 kbps download. Much better than dial-up speed but definitely not broadband.

Let's check out using ping..

Major congestions at routing level.

The CEO of Streamyx should find this blog entry very useful.

Check out the latest broadband provider iZZi and some updates from RedesignMalaysia.

This is the most appropriate time for new broadband providers to capitalize the market now. MCMC and the government of Malaysia is counting on the Wimax initiative to work cordially.

More about telecommunication in Malaysia.


Anonymous said…
If you're staying at 47301 area, my suggestion is to go to the Kelana Jaya Clickers and do a report. I've been duped by the customer support line when they did not upgrade my line. When I did a complain at the Clickers, it was solved within that day itself. Turns out their technician is illiterate and can't read that mine was a promotional upgrade and kept resetting my line to the a 512kpbs when it is suppossed to be 1Mbps. Funny thing is that he wrote in his report that he reset it to 1Mbps. Coincidence?
Brandon Teoh said…

I went to Clickers at Uptown.

I actually wanted to down grade from 2Mpbs to 512 kbps because I find that it will never reach that speed. It used to be able to reach around 1Mbps before the south china sea earth quake, now what I am experiencing is really just around 300-400 kbps for the max, which is not too bad and during bad times I would get 10-99 kbps for download.

And I think due to miscommunication again, they didn't process by down grade application.

Anyway, it (Streamyx) is better now in the sense that I get 100% uptime for couple of months already, it used to be that I would not be able to get connected every once in a while.

Are you able to get more than 500 kbps now in 47301 ?
Anonymous said…
My download speed at max is around 108kpbs. upload is bout 35kpbs or so. On average is bout 80+.
If I may suggest, if you still have a copy of your downgrade form which is officially signed by them, you should make a photocopy of it and highlight the necessary info before you approach them. Also, print out the graphs that you had over here and insist on talking to their manager that this had been happening for a long time. The desk staff are not that useful.

I had shown them that I had used several computers and modems as proof that it was not my side's error so that they know that the problem is on their side.

Not saying this to promote them. Still am quite disappointed with them for all the trouble they gave me just to get this speed. One more thing is that yesterday their server was down a while (9hrs or so actually) and the first 2 support personnel who took my call told me it was my hardware or setting problem and they had no problem whatsoever on their side. Only when I call up the 3rd person, then I was told that their line was down. Their blaming game still had much to be desired of.

Hope this helps. ;)
Brandon Teoh said…

brother, you speed is not that great too. I guess we are all under served.

I don't have a copy of the form, because it was submitted on the spot.

Anyway, as a loyal streamyx user, I am still paying every month.

I may change ISP by next year. or may not because it is quite troublesome.

I think if they would have some bloggers to support the issue, then I would be more than willing to facilitate them with all the graphs and etc.. otherwise, I think I just let-go.
Anonymous said…
Yeap, the speed is not that good. But if yours was the 2Mbps line and you still got the same as mine, definitely you have to look for them to solve it. Mine is 1Mbps and the speed is about 80% of my subscription speed which is alright. Yours should be at least 200kbps. Just don't wanna see you get ripped off by them.