TM Clickers is great!!

Despite previous speculation that downgrading a streamyx package even though is permissible but not straight forward. I was proved wrong today.

It can be done from the counter, just require two things.

1. The account number.
2. The authorized IC.
3. Subscription of at least 1 year.

You just need to fill up a form with no request for reasons.

My request was carried out promptly and I was advised to wait for three days for it to be effective.

I have downgraded my package from RM 88 (2Mbps download/512 kbps upload) to RM 66 (512kbps download/256 kbps upload). At least RM 22 can be channeled to something else.

At least TM Clickers has done a satisfactory role in helping to contribute to a better ICT enabled country.