Yahoo mail not yet supported by Safari public beta 3

Apple Inc CEO called Safari the best browser in the world, with Firework comes in second place while Internet Explorer comes third.

The claim is based on the the speed at which the browsers process the HTML codes; iBench.

But Safari is not working fine with Yahoo mail.

Take a look at the following problems.

So.... okay. It is better, we will wait and see.

One thing for sure, Safari works fine with Blogger.

Check out WWDC 2007 keynote by Steve Jobs.

I am not so interested on Max OS X Leopard:

- 6th Major release of Max OS X
- 300 new features.
- Cost = $ 129 (US) - only one edition.

Apple wanted to conquer Microsoft market share via the web browser. Currently, Safari has 4.9 % as per 2007. IE has 78% while firefox has 15%.

Apple wants to grow the market share of safari substantially and they think they have a way because they have done that with iTunes.

One last thing ... iPhone:

1. Has a full Safari engine embedded.
2. Development platform for iPhone is based on Web 2.0 standards. This is really powerful because now you can write a mobile application for iPhone using web 2.0 while at the same time integrating with iPhone system calls (iPhone services). Thus, no SDK requires.
3. Leverage on the security framework of web technologies.
4. Sandboxed against iPhone. You can't write a virus to hack iPhone.


Apple has three new things:

1. Max OS X Leopard
2. Safari
3. iPhone with full Safari.

Mr. Steve Jobs is a great marketeer in the computer industry.