Computing as content to entertainment world

Long ago there was Terminator and then The Matrix, along the way we had Hackers, firewall and Antitrust.

But it looks like movie plot based on computer technologies would be interesting. This is evident from recent blockbusters Die Hard 4.0 and Transformer, both of which focus on security breaches of the central government computer infrastructures that would lead to national security problems.

Both movies manage to carry the message across to audiences, that computer breach could one day trigger the end of the world.

And it doesn't really matter if audiences understand exactly what is happening, all people know is that should the central controlling agency lose control towards the computer infrastructure, they are in big shit and you need heroes to rescue the day.

And it doesn't really take long for people to accept the fact because it looks like computer infrastructures are inter-liking with government, military and societal agencies. It has potential of havoc-wreaking the financial system and takes us all back to stone age, just imagine that out of a sudden, all your bank accounts show zero balance. Would that be rather scary ? There is no prove and no trace, with safety net to fall back on. The government would really freak out when all financial system records where eradicated simultaneously. Because whose cash is that belong to ?

I think the Malaysian entertainment scene could pick up similar footsteps because it would be a good selling point, since we can't sell sexual oriented content.

Perhaps something for MCMC Networked Content Development Grant ?

We need good computing plots, preferably some real stories and we need good story tellers to get the message across to the society at large.


Anonymous said…
i always appritiate the work of your people in movies . keep it up