mTouche recognized as top ten visible brand

mTouche was previously named world's best start-up by magazine business 2.0

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Now, it has added another decoration to its laurels; the second most visible brand in the TOP TEN VISIBLE BRANDS league.

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Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 August 2007 – mTouche Technology Berhad (“mTouche”) was named the second most visible brand in the TOP TEN VISIBLE BRANDS league at the Brand Equity Magazine Awards 2007 held at the Holiday Villa Hotel last night.

This award is given out annually by Brand Equity Magazine - Malaysia’s premier marketing magazine, to ten of the most elite brands that have secured maximum visibility over the airwaves and across all TV stations for the whole of 2006.

The ‘mTouche’ brand clinched 2nd place, right behind telecommunications brand ‘Maxis’ which was named the most visible brand throughout year 2006.

Some of the other local brands that also made it to this latest TOP TEN VISIBLE BRANDS list include telecommunications brands ‘Digi’ and ‘Celcom’; as well as consumer brands ‘Rejoice’, ‘Pantene’, ‘Olay’ and ‘Power Root’.

The TOP TEN VISIBLE BRANDS poll results are based on Nielsen Media Research (Malaysia)’s TV Rating Study collated from TV advertising expenditure and viewership data. Nielsen Media Research is a dominant source of TV market research data in the country.

Eugene Goh, CEO of mTouche said, “We are very exhilarated to be recognized as one of the most recognizable brand names in the local broadcasting arena. It goes to show that our business to build quality and interactive broadcasting content is paying off.”

mTouche Eugene Goh

“It is extremely important to us that mTouche brand continues to be trusted as synonymous to ‘quality, creative and leading’ broadcast content that the public and our potential customers would keep demanding for.”

Goh thanked Brand Equity saying, “We are most honored to be named amongst our peers in this annual Brand Equity Award.”

Earlier this month, mTouche was the only Malaysian company named as one of 31 non-U.S. technology-based companies picked by the US-based magazine, Business 2.0, in its annual profile of the World’s Best Business Ideas.

About mTouche Technology Berhad

mTouche Technology Berhad is involved in the provision of mobile short messaging technologies such as mTouche Intelligent Short Messaging Platform and mTouche Content Provisioning Platform. It is a forerunner and leader with expertise in mobile messaging technologies and interactive media applications (which includes television, radio and press) in South-East Asia with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and China.

About Brand Equity Magazine:

Brand Equity is a Malaysia’s premier marketing magazine packed with articles, information, success stories and vignettes relating to the practice of marketing, advertising and media management. This one-of-its-kind Malaysian publication aims to refine their readers’ strategic marketing skills to build brand value in the marketplace.

Nielsen Media Research is a global leader in advertising information services, while also offering radio audience measurement, print readership and consumer media research services. Nielsen Media monitors advertising across 12 key markets in the Asia Pacific region: South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Anonymous said…
The devil who spoil all SMS business in Malaysia is a company called zingmobile. Another Singaporean called mtouche. Both Singaporean. They are the extreme spammer and scammer cheating money in Singapore and Malaysia. The company change name several times to Parade9 Sdn Bhd and Mega Mobile Solutions Sdn Bhd. Hide themselves in Johor Address: 801-B, Floor 8, City Plaza, Jln Tebrau, Johor Bahru. SMS short code 33303, 36885, 32699. 2 years ago they charges RM10/SMS for subscription service and spam RM200-RM300 per month per victim falling into their trap using misleading advertisement. They ran away from Malaysia after being punished. Recently they are back to cheat users using different company name. Latest scam is they charges RM4/content 3 times a week. They hide the service instruction and pricing information at the bottom of advertisement which is illegal. Jeff Ooi if so smart why not catch this father of all criminal here instead of simply accuse the innocent.
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for your comment.

Will let MTouche PR deal this issue.

let MCMC go and investigate this issue.

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