The Long Tail Econony is attacking this blog again

First of all, let's analyse traffic coming to this web site for the past 1 month. It has been showing the upward trend.

Site Meter

However, it shows downward trend for the past few days.

Site Meter

As one can see, it started the downward slope starting 14-Aug-07.


And to dissect this further in order to do an autopsy, let's dwell into Google Analytics.

First of all, let's check out the keywords coming in for the period between 9-Aug-07 to 16-Aug-07. And we have..

Site Meter

And the top 5 keywords actually responsible for 20% of all traffics.

Now, let's check out the period from 9-Aug-07 13-Aug-07, just before the "sudden" turning-point. And we have...

It shows that the top 5 keywords are the same as that of period between 9-Aug-07 to 16-Aug-07, as well as its frequency.

Now, let's check out period 14-Aug-07 to 16-Aug-07.

Google Analytic

You can see that the top 5 keywords are depleting in strengths.

Now, let's check out 15-Aug-07 to 16-Aug-07.

Google Analytic

It is totally gone! I have been robbed.

So, Google is undergoing correction. It seems that it is taking me off the index for popular keywords. Just like the share market.

Why does Google work in this manner ?

Long Tail Economy:

The answer is Long Tail Economy. And it has happened before.

The long Tail is really about the economics of abundance-what happens when the bottlenecks that stand between supply and demand in our culture start to disappear and everything becomes available to everyone.

This means that whatever that is out there, Google wants you to be accessible to it. which is a tough job. What if there are 1000 Tom Cruise in Hollywood ? They have to take turn to appear in the big screen right ?

And thus, in order to make this happen, Google needs to have backend Artificial Intelligence systems to check out for monopoly patterns and try to rectify it, in order to make ways or give opportunities to other people.

The Long Tail economy is the key element in order for Google to survive, because without enough contents (or long tail), you don't need a powerful search engine, you just need to have a few good

I think this is the reason and it can be fair.

The only way to keep becoming popular is to do the followings:
    1. Keep writing or innovating on the same topics which had made you popular. For instance, if you write about vegetarian, then keep doing it.
    2. Check out some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.
    3. Never count on one search engine, which in this world, we are actually left to not many choices.

The keywords will come back shortly, albeit weaker strengths.

Will keep you in the loop.