The sea is calm, mountain tall (1)

That's right, no tsunami and earthquake, this is the Malaysian scene recently.

The latest hot cake is the launching of MCMC Networked Content Development Grant, with total fund of RM 20 million.

Check out MSC latest feeds, nothing quite interesting yet.

The MDeC pre-seed grant is the only one that is making wave recently. Now it is into batch number 5. This is a RM 80 million total fund size and is opened for all Malaysian.

On a basic level, the grant has the following characteristics:

1. A maximum of up to RM 150,000 funding for development of up to 12 months.
2. No repayment is requirement unless the following applies:
  • RM 1 million or more sales is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed.
  • Additional funding received for RM 1 million or more is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed
  • The Intellectual Property is sold for RM 1 million or more within 3 years periods after the project is completed
3. Meant for individuals, companies need not apply.
4. Projects can be of any genre, may not have to be R & D.
5. Focus on commercialization.
6. Keep it simple.

Everyone should try to apply for this grant, it is worth it and its evaluation process is fair.

My tips for you is to focus on the following areas:
  • Executive Summary
  • Gaps/opportunity
  • Technology Plan
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial Plan
Other things like marketing plan and etc are important but not so. However, it is best to do everything with the best effort because the weaknesses can be used as reasons for rejections. But don't expect them to read everything.

In other scenes, MAVCAP is seeking to convert obligatory debts into loan.

And if you are interested to get venture capitalist, the following two are opening up for ideas.

2. NetVal Ventures

While MDeC and PIKOM is working on WCIT 2008 (World Congress in Information Technology) , the next Google is not yet to be seen in Malaysia yet.

The already famous companies are making some waves for their own sea surfing, such as mTouche, Redtone and HeiTech Padu. But you won't really get wet because these waves don't reach your shore.

This is good, still got plenty of opportunities!


Anonymous said…

I hope this is the right Forum section. My friend today failed to obtained the MDEC PRe-Seed grant for Batch 4 after the announcement. But he said 50 out of 57 submissions got the grant. I told him to try again, as Pre-Seed allows you to keep on trying until you get the grant. But not so like that for Cradle Investment Programme. Which prompted me to write this comparison btwen Pre-Seed & Cradle. BTW, I was a 3 times Cradle applicants and ALL got rejected. I'm submitting to Pre-Seed for Batch 5.


-Max Grant: RM150,000 (most grant approved are over RM120k)

-Allows unlimited retries until you got the grant. Even if u got the grant, once you completed the project, you CAN APPLY SOME MORE for new projects

-Fast processing, already processed 4 batches since Nov 2006, barely 1 year

-High chance: Already approved over 50 submissions in less than 1 year. (50 got funded out of 57 in batch 4)

-You are given most necessary facilities and equipment to R&D your work. 10% of funds are allocated for laptops, PC, etc.

-Min 2 applicants

-If you fail, they'll tell you why u fail

Cradle Investment Programme

-MAx Grant: RM50,000

-Can only apply up to 3 times only, regardless you got the grant or not

-Slow processing

-Low chance: Only approve 200+ after more than 3 years (only 5-4 got funded in each batch)

-If you request for laptop, they said you have to pay half.

- Min 2 applicants but 3 recommended

-If you fail, they won't tell you why you fail. They said no time to tell you.

Bottomline are,

-Pre-Seed is structured to REALLY, HONESTLY Help to create more technopreneurs and ideas. Their guidelines are structured to ensure more creations and more ideas, with less string attached. They even take the time to tell you why you failed.

-Cradle is structured so that the Cradle team CAN WORK LESS. See the number of times they allow you to apply. They limit it so that they don't have to keep processing your submissions. By right, they should not limit the number of tries, if they're trying to give more chances for all. Instead they should allow unlimited tries, but once you got the grant, you cant reapply anymore. That's more fair than setting limits to tries. Can't blame a guy for trying right? Also, they don't tell you why you failed.


Don't waste your time on Cradle. Too many strings attached. Too many red tapes. Go for Pre-Seed before the funds finishes. MDEC is directly reporting to Prime Minister's Dept, thus i reckon less red tapes.
Anonymous said…
Just to clarify, Pre-seed does not exactly allow you to try till you drop/ succeed, and no they don't really tell you why you failed (secretariat maintains right NOT letting you know you failed). Based on personal experience, they can fail you base on anything and something "you" failed to present. Its up to you to cover everything during the presentation. And no, you can get a total reject, which means you cant submit the same idea again. BUT Yes, you may submit as the same applicant on a DIFFERENT idea.
Try calling cradle hotline :) and you ll understand why it is not friendly :) Oh, and take note that on its website, its still MAVCAP when its under MOF instead.
Somehow, I m very hesitant to believe Preseed processed 50/57 submissions during batch 4. Processed maybe, but approved no way! HAha!
But still Pre-seed is still a better program, just have to submit and pray you get a friendly committee the 1st round. I kena once, damn masam muka, shake hand also dont want, it was very very hostile. But as long as you read the application form very very carefully and know what they want, you ll be fine. For example, under software, they want "UNIQUE IP" and EXPORTABILITY! Cover THAT! EXTRA MARKS! Oh! Yes they are focusing on commercialization now. If its a suka suka hobby project without proper foreseeable sales, you might not get through. Which is very funny cause this is PRESEED NOT SEED! Somehow, the committee does not understand that the applicants might not have COMMERCIAL plans yet. BUT! Unfortunately, its a must. Sorry folks, I guess one of the KPIs is the comp making money @ the end of the day.
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for your comments.

I do feel that sometimes luck is needed and interesting ideas.

Humans are human.