Google Apps enterprise Tsunami

Google expects big from its enterprise apps. What are they ? Take a look.

  • Communicate and Connect
    • Gmail
    • Google Talk
    • Google Calendar

  • Collaborate and publish
    • Google Docs & Spreadsheet
    • The Start Page
    • Google Page Creator

  • Getting Help
    • 24x7 Support Options

This is pretty cool. It is determined to threaten Microsoft Office by targeting the fortune 500 and Microsoft defended with a marketing message.

What is it in for developers ? Well, check out the APIs

To get started with the development, check this out.

And this is what Google thinks you can do about the API.

Integrate Google Apps with existing systems:

  • Programmatically synchronize with a user directory
  • Take full control over authentication of users and leverage a single sign-on system
  • Seamlessly replace an existing calendar application without missing a meeting
  • Meet regulatory compliance, data retention, and message content policy requirements

Extend and customize Google Apps:

  • Create a dynamic start page gadget to provide easy access to essential information
  • Publish calendar event information into a custom display
  • Create a data driven application that persists to a spreadsheet
  • Bring real time presence, messaging, and voice into client applications

And Zimbra is the first web startup to recognize this as a threat.

Google Apps is another potential Tsunami in the making.