How to purge cached content (from search engines)?

Someone was asking me blogger opinion on methods to get contents to be purged from search engines' caches. Initially I thought it is quite redundant and impossible, it will go off in time to come. Sure, this is the fact. And nobody will even remember given the fact that the Internet never sleeps.

Then, was caught up this French news anchorwoman Melissa Theuriau about her lawyer's attempts to get some illegally captured semi-nude photographs from some beaches off the Internet. This is not exactly very illegal given the fact that it is captured on public places. Period.

But I do think that Melissa has the right to get the contents off the Internet for the reason that it touches personal aspect of her life and something which she hasn't agreed to.

So, it could be possible (as I planned it).

1. Create more contents:

First of all, consider the presumptuous fact that search engines adopt the long tail concept where older contents would make way for newer contents.

So, it is possible that by keep pushing in contents (tagging to the same subject or keyword) to the Internet, the long tail mechanism will work faster, allowing older and unwanted contents to be purged away faster.

2. Look for Weapon:

To do that effectively, you need to have the right weapon. This can be any web properties (web sites) which the search engines crawl around frequently. For your information, search engines have limited capacity, even though we like to believe that they can do supernatural feats, they do but still limited. So, search engines don't crawl to all web sites directly but to anchor sites which offer aggregations of contents. Very effective contents aggregators that I know are blogger (blogspot), feedburner and netvibes. Those come in second are geocities, linkedin, friendster and blogs (famous blogs like Screenshots, liewcf and etc).

Thus, blogs is an effective weapon.

Assuming that you have an effective blog, then you can keep publishing content pertaining to the subject which you want to refresh. In the case of Melissa, since the 'illegal' photos are traced to a web site which is Korean oriented, it will have to be done from a Korean point of view. Means that get someone to pinpoint the 'hotspot'; the closest point of contact this web site has exposure to search engine spiders, let's say it is at feedburner (again). After determining this, push many Melissa oriented Korean based content to feedburner. In pretty short time, the undesired content could be purged from the Internet.

3. Ethics

The only question to answer is whether this is ethical or not.

In a way, this is like illegal manipulation of the search engine. But in Melissa Theuriau's case, it is very ethical at her disposal.

Perhaps the more hardening question is who should do the job ? Consultant or by herself. If Melissa could do all that by herself, then there will be no issue. However, should some consultants were to be engaged to carry out such activities, then it opens up a bigger room for debates.

This can set a precedence for illegal manipulation or so-called "black mouth" of innocent Internet properties (web sites).

For Melissa to setup her own blog and perform the manipulation, it may seem too slow and uncalled for. Might as well let the content purges by itself. Unless it is being carried out behind the curtains, which the cost may be massive because it is considered special project (which has no predecessor-case and anticipated successor-case.)

Why ? If there would be anticipated successor-case, then the project would become a product and it brings back ethical issues.

The only ethical way to go about is for some experts to teach Melissa all the trick about these things and get her assistant to walk the talk.