IBM and Yahoo come along - Horizontal Enteprise Apps

Thanks to readwriteweb for breaking news, the web world is really a world which never sleeps. The world don't sleep, but in this case, it is more like what we call "New York - the city which never sleeps."

Google is getting ready to hit the enterprise market, competing with Microsoft Office directly. Google is being explosive about its Google Enterprise Applications (GAPE). Microsoft defended their stance and Zimbra complained.

But like it or not, Google is going to take off ASP model players out of the game slowly.

For instance, let's take a look at JustLogin, a china-based ASP model web 2.0 company providing the following web applications for enterprises.
  • eLeave
  • eForm
  • eResource
  • eMail
  • eSurvey
  • 360Survey
  • eNotice
  • eFolder
  • eDirectory
  • eTimeclock
  • eTimeCharge

Even though Google Enterprise Apps don't provide for such functions, but the fact that being fully web-based and free, it is able to cater for alternatives in order to achieve the said business functions above. This is similar to the fact that many SME/SMI companies in Malaysia would use Microsoft Excel to deal with accountings matters rather than going straight to software like Quickbooks or USB.

Furthermore, Google Enterprise Apps come with APIs for customization and integration with other platforms, this makes it really powerful.

Let's put aside the free factor for its standard edition, Google is a really powerful brand for consumer to overlook. Remember that brand is a factor to help people with making decision when all choices seems valid ?

Yahoo Joins the Fight:

On 17th September 2007, readwriteweb reported that Yahoo has acquired Zimbra (and open source enterprise office vendor) for $350m.

Zimbra offers the following.
  • webmail
  • a desktop client
  • contact management
  • calendaring
  • word processing
  • spreadsheets
  • Salesforce integration
  • and a reportedly strong mobile component.
IBM Joins the Fight:

Just today, I received via IBM newsletter that IBM Lotus Symphony has been launched.

It is free for download and use. It supports Open Document Format (ODF).

It offers the following three things:

1. Lotus Symphony Documents
2. Lotus Symphony Presentations
3. Lotus Spreadsheets.

Technically, IBM Lotus Symphony offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Cross-platform
  • Integration and collaboration
  • ODF

Still thinking about selling office application ? Have to read more blogs.