LLogisticOSS: Open Source Software for Freight Forwarders

TM Century Solutions (TMCS) has just launched an open source software for freight forwarders; LLogisticOSS.

They have decided to conquer the market with a prequel to their LLogisticNET software. This is a good marketing move because they are just the first few people in the Internet to have done so.

LLogisticNET is actually an enterprise edition offering:
  • Multi-users
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Internet
Just something that you need for your enterprise efficiency.

On the other hand, LLogisticOSS is a standalone system (Single User) which is based on generic concept. The concept is derived from the following two books.

Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business

Sea Freight Forwarding

It offers the following features:
  • Easily record the booking, vessel, ROT, HBL, container, arrival notice, costing, invoice/billing, manifest and shipping instruction of a freighting job.
  • Documents (booking confirmation, HBL, ROT, Shipping Instruction, Job Sheet, Arrival Notice, Invoice, Oversea Invoice) printing of a freighting job
  • Quotation creation and central archiving
  • Backup & restore ability
  • Back date capability
  • Costing capability
  • Debit note and credit note
  • User preferences auto-number with prefix configurations.
  • MS Access database with integrated dummy data to start with for instant exploration!
Market Spoiler ?

LLogisticOSS is not yet a market spoiler since it is based on a generic concept, even though it is meant for the freight forwarding industry. However, being generic means that it is not competing directly with any other competitors (because it doesn't copy the workflow from another existing software) and also it was invented based on the public concept of freight forwarding.


This is a good move by TM Century Solutions and they are determined to set the standard for software towards the freight forwarding industry.

The biggest problem with Open Source is explained here. In short, open source software gives you the code but doesn't offer much about education and support, you just got to figure out the tricks or otherwise, pay for the support.

Contact logistics@tmcs.com.my for support and even for customization.

Download the installer and source codes now!

Stay tune for how well LLogisticOSS measured up to number of downloads.


Nichole said…
If you get this guide together with a proper training, then freight brokering is for you. For sure, truckload (ltl) shipment will be very easy for you.
Unknown said…
I cannot download the installer. I would like to try this program out. can you send me more on it at geovander@me.com thanks ever so much
Brandon Teoh said…
hi George,
The software is outdated.

we have took it offline.. no longer available.