Anti SPAM Campaign - Serenity

In a single business day, I would receive around 10 spam emails, all of them related to marketing.

It is not a big deal actually, and I don't hate those emails, just that I didn't give them permission to send me emails. And some of the emails could be useful for my work as a marketing manager to a software company, because the spam emails contribute to my marketing knowledge base. What a blessing!

Thus, to put things on a square table (all sides are fairly edged), email spamming has pros and cons.

I have figured out a good way to deal with it, which would sort of dealing with the issue fairly for everybody.

These are my suggestions:
  1. Everybody (who has emails) to have a web presence (web sites or blogs).
  2. Make sure the web presence must be able to cater for advertisement spaces. (so that you can cater for advertisements on behalf of others)
  3. Whenever you receive any SPAM emails, extract the incoming emails and send email offerings to help them (spammer) with advertisements (on your web presences)
  4. Either they will response or not is secondary, by doing this, you are also doing traffic optimization for your web presences (web sites or blogs).
Doing this, the world can achieve well balance; serenity.