FSBM launches UNOS Voice in China

FSBM continues aggressive overseas foray with its revolutionary mobile solution for business travelers.

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Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 October 2007 – FSBM Holdings Berhad (‘FSBM’) yesterday announced the launch of UNOS Voice in China. Man You Bao is UNOS Voice for the China market, designed as the latest of its kind fixed mobile converged solution for mobile users throughout the world.

Available immediately for download at here, this mobile phone service hit the markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and United Kingdom in April 2007. As of today all 6 functions of UNOS Voice are available in 21 countries while the rest of the world is able to access 5 of its 6 functions.

UNOS Voice allows business travellers to enjoy discounted rates of up to 90% on their mobile communications, as well as powerful PBX (Private Business eXchange) functionalities - which were until now only available on fixed lines– via their mobile devices.

Michael Ta, FSBM Multimedia and Communications Group CEO said that the company is partnering with Beijing Telecom NTT Engineering Co Ltd (BNTE) to form the interconnection hub for UNOS Voice subscribers in China.

“In our drive to localize the UNOS in the China market, we have launched Man You Bao, and will be subsequently launching other flagships specifically for China,” adds Ta.

“Response to UNOS Voice has been exceptional as we are rapidly gaining new subscribers from all over the world. UNOS Voice is currently available with full Voice-In functions in 21 countries, and we expect to reach 50 countries by year end.”

“No doubt that the pool of registered UNOS Voice subscribers is already spread throughout the world, we anticipate the partnering with BTNE in China to contribute to a surge of subscriber volume.”

He shares that FSBM has received strong interest regarding UNOS Voice from Europe, Middle East and Australia. “In the next few months we are planning worldwide reseller/ partner appointments so that UNOS Voice can be more firmly represented in these countries.

FSBM is currently in active partnership negotiations as part of their strategy to drive the uptake for UNOS Voice.

“We are talking to fixed line telecommunication companies in other countries as they would like to enjoy their share of mobile revenue. At the same time we are discussing with potential resellers and collaborating with IT peripheral manufacturers, multi level marketing companies, financial institutions; as well as to assist these companies to build communities to promote UNOS Voice,” Ta said.

FSBM has also introduced a purely online reseller program whereby resellers interested to sell UNOS Voice will not need to invest in anything. “Resellers only need to market the product through their distribution channels and enjoy the commissions immediately. This UNOS Voice marketing modus operandi of UNOS is entirely virtual from start to finish, and we intend for online resellers from around the world to reach out to subscribers in their market through this simple mechanism that is both straight forward and has a enticing commission structure,” says Ta.

“Anyone in the world can be a UNOS Voice reseller.”

Under the UNOS flagship, FSBM has launched UNOS Friends which is readily available worldwide. Targeted to the younger-aged market, UNOS Friends is a streamlined service with a lifestyle approach. It is available for download at www.unosfriends.com.

The tiny MIDlet with astounding benefits

UNOS Voice is a mobile phone software (know as a MIDlet) that is mobile infrastructure and operator neutral, and can be initiated via SMS, 3G, Edge, Wibro, Wimax, WiFi and WCMDA mobile accesses. For travellers, UNOS Voice offers a zero roaming solution for calls and sms. Its PBX functionalities such as Conference Call and Buddy Call appeal to businesses in their daily operations. UNOS Voice has no minimum monthly charges; is simple to use; allows user to initiate and receive calls anytime/ anywhere seamlessly; enables users to stay connected globally via existing mobile number; and allows direct access to mobile phone contact list.

Since the launch of UNOS Voice in April, Malaysian subscribers have been enjoying multi party calls and the zero roaming features while Malaysian business travelers have been enjoying up to 90% of savings on their roaming charges. The ‘push conference call function’ is the most popular feature of the UNOS Voice, as it helps users and corporations to communicate efficiently with their staff and clients.

At the same time, FSBM is currently working on their upcoming flagship, the UNOS Voice Pro. Designed for higher end phones, it offers in addition to the normal UNOS Voice features, UNOS S-MailS - a ‘push and pull email function’ available on the software. FSBM will also be including a seamless routing feature on the software that allows calls to be routed to a user via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) when the person is online on Wi-Fi, 3G or WiMAX.

Subscription for UNOS Voice is via a simple 3-step registration process.

About FSBM Holdings Berhad:

FSBM is one of Malaysia’s leading information technology service and systems provider. FSBM source and integrate technologies from leading computer hardware, network and software manufacturers to deliver innovative business applications for customers in the commercial and government sectors. It specializes in developing and delivering fully integrated customized software solutions, which are complemented with a complete range of project management, post sales support and maintenance services to ensure successful installations.

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