Getting Rid of The Old Text Books

Malaysia government is finally moving ahead in terms of the educational sector, a time where we have come to realization that it will be a great burden for parents to keep buying new text books which subject to changes every year.

This is also part of the political move by the government to ease off the wave of inflations which sweep by the shores of the society of Malaysia in an "unprecedented" manner; keep coming and coming from nowhere.

So, the government is helping the people with burdens of redundant text books and unwise usage of money.

To understand how much redundant the situation can be, take a look at the definition of database redundancy.

So, it will just be a matter of time when we have to perform normalization on certain things which are deemed unnecessary. And the methods to do such normalization can be sourced from ideas such as:
All these define the precedence for methods to give characteristics to information which will then be helpful for learning. And if we can learn in an effective manner, we can shorten learning curve and do-away with ineffective learning materials. These are new languages by itself.

We don't need printed material anymore.. With the precedence of "one child one laptop" initiatives...

Malaysia needs to embed IT into its education sector more comprehensively.